Expansionsprojektet medverkar i Forskardag 2021

Bild: Astrid von Rosen
Bild: Astrid von Rosen

Den 14 april 2021 medverkade Expansionsprojektet i två sessioner under Forskardagen vid  Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper, Göteborgs universitet. 

  • Inom sessionen Nordic visual culture and embodiment presenterade Astrid von Rosen & Viveka Kjellmer - Critical costume and the challenge of online conferences. Se presentationerna här: https://costumeagency.com/project/astrid-von-rosen/, och här https://costumeagency.com/project/astrid-von-rosen/

  • Inom sessionen The material infrastructure of the independent arts field in Gothenburg - panel discussion presenterade Åsa Andersson & Helena Holgersson - The concept of material cultural policies, encapsulating measures of cultural policy, labour market and urban planning, is presented through two case studies.


The material infrastructure of the independent arts field in Gothenburg 

Åsa Andersson och Helena Holgersson 

In recent years, a more diverse historiography of the independent performing arts has emerged. Researchers from Gothenburg have been at the forefront of this development through the project Expansion and Diversity: Digital mapping and analysis of independent performance in Gothenburg 1965-2000. Two features of their work have been digital methods and interdisciplinary perspectives. This presentation will focus on the latter by focusing on social perspectives of the independent arts field. The material infrastructure of the field is characterized by precarious working conditions, creative survival strategies and negotiations over places and premises throughout the city. Our overarching methodological concept - material cultural policies - encapsulates measures of cultural policy, labour market and urban planning. To illustrate these perspectives we will present two case studies. One focuses on working conditions in the independent performing arts field in Gothenburg while the second case study elaborates on the role of the cultural sector in urban development.

Critical costume and the challenge of on-line conferences 

Astrid von Rosen & Viveka Kjellmer 

Presentation of resent research on costume agency from the Critical Costume conference 2020: 6 https://costumeagency.com/project/astrid-von-rosen/ https://costumeagency.com/project/viveka-kjellmer/ In 1967, black dancer Claude Marchant (1919-2004) arrived in Gothenburg, to teach "jazz technique". His teaching had a revolutionary impact on the white local dance community. Marchant's work is strikingly absent in Swedish performance historiography, and Astrid mobilizes bodies in costume as vital parts of a "scenographic ecology" to open up for reflection on this neglect. As an act of civil and social disobedience, the wearing of scents can make powerful statements about identity and bodily presence. Olfactory meaning-making has an impact on social interaction. In her presentation, Viveka shows that perfume can be subversive and political, and that scented bodies have agency. We welcome discussion about the presentation topics as well as their pre-recorded format as a way to contribute to an on-line conference, subsequently turned into a reference library.

/Astrid von Rosen

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